EmCare knows that your deployments have initiated you into the scope of Emergency Medicine at various levels; whether you are Emergency Medicine Residency trained or trained in Family or Internal Medicine. We have Emergency Departments that will fit your experience and comfort level in emergency medicine.

We have a tremendous team that will provide all the assistance you need to get you credentialed and the required training prior to your first shift. EmCare will bring you aboard for Orientation and Shadow shifts to ensure that you are properly prepared for your first scheduled shift. You can give your availability 90 days in advance so that you can coordinate your shifts around military duty and personal life.

EmCare is experiencing tremendous growth and we need you to come join us as we march ahead and get underway to reach new heights in providing patient care.

Please apply online:


or contact David Guffey (USA Retired) at (423) 322-9574 or David.Guffey@EmCare.com

EmCare is seeking current and prior military emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine physicians; and physician assistants and nurse practitioners for moonlighting or full-time career opportunities in our Emergency Departments. We want you to know that we value the sacrifices you have made to serve our country. Additionally, EmCare recognizes the attributes that military providers possess such as impeccable clinical skills, leadership, communication and willingness to commit to the mission of providing superior patient care.

If you are planning your Regular and/or Transitional Leave for military retirement or ETS, EmCare would like you to consider us as your first choice for full-time civilian career options. If you were prior service military and have long missed the Esprit De Corps, come to EmCare to regain that feeling of pride, fellowship, and being part of a Team.

U – Unparalleled career opportunities is what EmCare offers you. We have an opportunity for those looking to moonlighting, full-time, or be a traveling physician as a part of EmCare’s EmBassador Program

S – Superior support for clinicians. EmCare has a dedicated Regional Team committed to your success. If your needs are clinical support or if they are administrative, we have staff in place to assist you.

A – Advance in leadership opportunities. EmCare’s rapid growth has opened many opportunities for those seeking leadership roles just like you.


Quality People. Quality Care. Quality of LIFE.

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