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We value: Caring, Loyalty, Quality, Safety & Family

Our values are our code of morals and ethics that define what our organization stands for, believes in, and considers acceptable and unacceptable in our quest to achieve our vision.  They are the standard by which we measure every activity we undertake and the foundation on which we stand.

Caring for Generations means, that as an organization; individually and corporately, we commit to approach every undertaking in a way that; honors the wisdom of the past, lives with the realities of the present and maintains a vision for the future.  We believe that a sustainable healthcare system is built on a foundation of uncompromising values.  We believe that integrity is maintained through: the commitment of generations of people, who employ generations of systems and processes, to serve generations of families and individuals, who contribute to generations of sustainable healthcare.  Caring for Generations also reflects the value we place on family.  We recognize that in our small community there is a warmth and genuineness that is very special and worthy of celebrating.  Caring for Generations values the family, acknowledges the legacy of our organization, our community and the relationship of both.  Together we share a rich history, a diligent attention to the present and a fascination for the future.  – Caring for Generations.

Our mission is Creating Home & Building Community.
Change the culture, live the values, achieve the vision.  Creating Home & Building Community is what we do to create an environment where is possible for each individual to experience the healing touch of our community.

Our vision is to define the rural healthcare experience.
Garfield County Hospital District will set the Critical Access Hospital Benchmarks in patient care, operational excellence and financial performance.  We will define the rural healthcare experience.