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Mosaic Life Care’s unique approach to health care is not only for our patients — it’s also for our employees. We support employees with many benefits and perks. Click here to go to our Benefits Page.

At Mosaic Life Care we are connected to the hearts, minds and spirits of our patients. We want to help each patient become the healthiest version of themselves they can be. We do not just treat diseases and conditions — we improve lives. Mosaic Life Care is health care reimagined. Our innovative life-care model combines traditional health care and a focus on key life elements that affect overall wellness. Life care is our commitment to the health, well-being, vitality and productivity of the communities and organizations we serve through health-related initiatives and opportunities.

The success of Mosaic Life Care focuses on the well-being of patients, employees and the community at large. With a dedication to quality care, Mosaic Life Care has recently received the following recognitions:

Our Community Matters

Mosaic Life Care is dedicated to the communities we serve. Among Missouri hospitals, we are ranked sixth by the Missouri Hospital Association for providing community benefit value. About $27 million in charity and uncompensated care is given each year to the people we serve. We offer more than 60 programs and initiatives focused on improving population health and community benefit, including assisting more than 15,000 area residents lose more than 100,000 pounds and teaching elementary school students to make healthy choices.

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