Armed Security Officer Position

in Vermont and Massachusetts

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Even if our means have evolved, our purpose has remained the same: to protect our nation and millions of lives. Combining expertise, technology, and analytics, we contribute to the country’s safety and stability every day. We are united and guided by our purpose for every decision we make. It is at the center of the high ethical standards we have set for ourselves.

We are proud to call ourselves Paragon and to value diligence, professionalism, and honesty. Our company is a symbol of integrity and a reflection of everyone that composes it.

“Hiring Veterans” is a reality at Paragon and SCIS, with nearly 40% of our force having successfully transitioned from military to civilian status. It starts from the top down, from our leadership team to our newest employees.

We believe Veterans have a clear advantage for most job duties and positions in our forces. That’s why we make a point of honoring your story and past experience when we help you begin a whole new one. We know that you have what it takes to quickly assess situations, think on your feet, and respond to emergencies. That, among other things, makes you an ideal candidate for us.

Paragon, and our parent, Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services (SCIS), have a legendary legacy dating back to the “original private eye”, Allan Pinkerton. Our team is over 14,000 people strong across all fifty states and several U.S. territories, all providing specialized security, fire, investigations, inspections, cybersecurity, risk management, and mission support services.