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We are looking for energized colleagues to join our team nationwide. As a Sound colleague, you can help our clinical teams make a significant difference the acute episode of care, which is managed by our emergency, hospitalist, intensivist, and post-acute provider teams. Sound Physicians’ high-performance model incorporates engaged and aligned teams and a commitment to performance management throughout the acute episode of care — from the time the patient enters the hospital to the period 90 days following discharge in skilled nursing centers and in patients’ homes.

Sound Physicians is growing, and new opportunities are available across the United States. To browse open opportunities, click on the links at the top of this page for career opportunities.

We look forward to partnering with you and leading the effort to truly transform healthcare in the United States.

Any organization knows what they do; some know how they are different; but few can clearly state why they exist. We are looking for great people who believe what we believe: that we can make a big difference in healthcare. By improving quality and lowering the cost of healthcare, we have a tremendous opportunity to help transform patient care and outcomes. Would you love to wake up excited about the work you do, leading the way and truly changing healthcare for the better?

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