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Advertising Policy

This Advertising Policy details the agreement between (Referred to as Publisher) and any person(s), business(es) or entity(ies) (referred to as Advertiser) wishing to advertise with, Inc. through any of its media including but not limited to the website(s), newsletter(s), eNewsletter(s), inserts, etc.

Publisher has no obligation to run any ad from an advertiser unless the advertising copy and all of its components (including illustrations, claims, photos, etc.) has first been reviewed and accepted by the Publisher. Ads that are considered objectionable, contain sexual material or appear fraudulent will not be accepted, and such is at the sole discretion of Publisher.

Advertisements that have been accepted and are later found to be objectionable or fraudulent will be removed from all MilitaryExits media. Advertiser will not receive a refund on advertisements that are misleading or fraudulent. Fraudulent ads include, but are not limited to, advertisements that offer a product or service which is not delivered, advertisements which claims cannot be substantiated or are exaggerated; advertisements which mislead people into buying something other than the advertised product or service.

Advertisement from companies with unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau are also subject to be removed from all MilitaryExits media without refund.

Rates listed on our Rate Card or quoted by Advertising Representative are not guaranteed for future advertising purchases unless a proper advertising insertion order has been signed and agreed to by Publisher and Advertiser.

No refunds will be given after the advertising Start Date. Start Date is the date the ad is scheduled to appear or run in the agreed outlet(s). In the event the start date is not stated within the advertising policy, advertisers are bound to the run duration and amount stated.

The Publisher assumes no liability for errors in advertisements submitted. The advertiser and/or his/her representative(s) assume full liability for all content (including text, claims, illustrations, words, trademarks or other copyrighted matters) in his authorized advertisements.

Positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of the Publisher except where a request for a specific position is accepted as part of the advertising sale.

Advertising Representatives representing, Inc. are independent and are not entitled to act or speak for said Publisher duties or rights.

In consideration of publishing an advertisement, the advertiser; its representatives and agency, jointly and severally, will indemnify and hold harmless the Publisher; website; publication; owners, officers, directors, stockholders, agents, employees and representatives (including independent representatives) from and against all losses, damages, claims, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees and costs) resulting from the publication of the contents of the advertisement, including, by way of illustration and not limitation, claims or lawsuits for libel, violation of right to privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism, defamation or unfair competition.

The Company is not responsible for an Employer's or Advertiser's development of advertising materials unless otherwise agreed in advance. Once a deposit or payment is made, the space is held for that advertiser for the duration of the term and is not refundable. There are no early cancellations. Ad sizes are approximate and may display differently on various monitors due to variations in browser rendering, monitor size, screen resolution and other factors controlled by the viewer. Pricing, promotions and policies are subject to change without notice and are posted on this Web site.

All Ads developed by Military Exits are bound by the advertiser to be paid in full for the production cost of the Ad.

All Ads developed by Military Exits are bound by the advertiser to be paid in full for the run duration and cost of the ad.

All signed Ad Approvals are binding as well as emails signifying that the Ad is approved. All Ad Approvals are bound by law and are binding to the facility regardless of who signed the Ad Approval. All Ad proofs are binding to the facility regardless of who signed the initial proof.

All Ad proofs between the company Military Exits and the advertiser named therein are bound to the run duration and the amount stated in the invoice/ad proof. All Ads will be renewed automatically unless canceled in writing 60 days prior to the Advertisers original run date.

If payment is not made within 14 days, all advertisers could be subjected to a collections process. We have no net terms; If you violate this, an additional 2% per week will be charged until the money is collected.

The company Military Exits shall be governed by the laws of the State of California of the United States of America in Los Angeles County, which shall claim venue and jurisdiction for any legal motion or claim arising from this Agreement.

rev. 0710

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